COSE is a nationwide on-site machining service team. Mainly in the petrochemical industry, natural gas pipelines, marine ship manufacturing and maintenance, power systems, steel mining and construction field flange close cover processing, plane milling, on-site boring, bolt tensile tightening and hydraulic torque wrench, pipeline cold cutting and slope mouth, drilling And wire tapping, the same axis boring and other mechanical processing services. In 2007 and 2014 respectively registered to establish Zhengzhou Company and Xiamen Company, and provide more service teams to serve everyone!

COSE has more than 30 technical personnel of various types, most of whom are intermediate and senior mechanical engineers with more than 10 years of experience in mechanical processing and equipment maintenance, and can provide special service requirements based on on-site operating conditions and equipment maintenance. Provide professional, all-round on-site processing solutions to help maximize the normal operating time of the equipment.